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DECODE ENERGY provides a wide range of consulting services:


DECODE ENERGY specializes in leveraging policy/regulatory analysis and advocacy to achieve key market outcomes for clients, with services such as:

  • Design innovative and effective policy and regulatory proposals and solutions

  • Effective evidence-based advocacy with regulators and legislators

  • Collaborative stakeholder engagement, education, and buy-in to key policy outcomes

  • Market tracking, intelligence, and analysis of policy and regulatory developments

  • Access to wide network of key policy leaders and decision-makers

DECODE ENERGY has proven experience in the California and Federal policy and regulatory environment, with replicable capabilities in other state markets and regions.


DECODE ENERGY consults technology and developer companies on assessing storage markets, identifying best product-market fit, and creating market scaling strategies. 


These strategies are developed through known and future value/need drivers on the electric grid, current status and future trends in revenue opportunities, and various barriers to valuation, financing, and deployment.  

DECODE ENERGY conducts rigorous analysis on energy market opportunities, such as:

  • Project siting based on location-specific grid needs

  • Project-specific finance and cash flow models based on potential market, program, and/or contract revenue

  • Addressable market sizing

  • Competitor and partner landscape and market segmentation

  • Advanced understanding of wholesale market participation tariffs, deployment programs, and interconnection tariffs and procedures


DECODE ENERGY has a history of providing consulting services for various clients in the following technology and business areas and can apply this domain expertise into other areas:


DECODE ENERGY possesses comprehensive and deep expertise on energy storage policies, valuation, and barriers, spanning utility-scale and customer systems, as well as different technology types and business models. 

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Capabilities and value proposition of energy storage technologies, including capacity valuation methods

  • Transmission and distribution interconnection processes, strategies, and reform

  • Energy storage procurement and contracting

  • Capacity expansion and production cost modeling strategies

  • Battery storage safety and permitting best practices


DECODE ENERGY has unique knowledge and experience in developing new revenue opportunities for EV OEMs and EV service providers. 

Key areas of expertise include:

  • EV deployment incentive programs and models

  • EV infrastructure planning and energization service timelines

  • Vehicle-grid integration with grid services, such as distribution deferral, resiliency, and system capacity 

  • Vehicle-to-grid (V2X) interconnection strategies and pathways


DECODE ENERGY specializes ​in understanding and developing innovative approaches to operationalizing distributed energy resources (DERs) into virtual power plants (VPPs) to extract greater value from DER deployments and provide system grid services. 

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Existing and future demand response models

  • DER aggregation market models

  • T&D interface frameworks and mechanisms

  • BTM export valuation, grid-service contracts, and deployment incentive programs

  • Transmission and distribution infrastructure planning, including deferral and microgrid resiliency via non-wires alternatives

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